Nancy Byers
23 Dec 1799 to 19 Aug 1835

The Byers


The Byers family came to Preble County, Ohio from Virginia. They made several stops along the way. While there were several Byers families in Preble County, the most widely accepted line for Nancy is the following:

John Byers, Sr.

William Byers

Isaac Byers

Nancy Byers

John Byers, Sr. had at least two sons, William and John, Jr. John Byers, Sr. was married to Sarah (last name unknown). John Died in Gallia County, Ohio about 1808. Sarah traveled on to Preble County, Ohio where she died. Hers is the eighth probate case on file in Preble County. Based on a statement made by William Byers in his bid for a pension as a Revolutionary War veteran, it is probable that John Byers, Sr. and his family resided in Botetourt County, Virginia prior to several moves that ended in Preble County, Ohio.

Little is known about John Byers, Jr. he probably traveled with the family to Ohio but this is not documented. William Byers’ movements are documented in the statement he made when he applied for a veterans pension. Following is an abstract of his statement made November 18, 1833:

William Byers, resident of Neave Township, Preble County, Ohio, age 69 years on the 5th day of July last.
In the year 1781, resident of Botetourt County, Virginia volunteered in Virginia militia, Capt. David Mays company in Col. Cloyd’s regiment for 3 months. Marched to what was Montgomery County, Virginia and stood guard over Tories, who were residents of Montgomery County. Served 2 ½ months.
The last of June or first of July, 1781 volunteered in Virginia militia Capt. Galway in Col. Lewis’ regiment raised in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia. Marched to Augusta County across Allegany Mountains at Rockfish Gap through Richmond. Collected at army camp at Burrels Mill. Was there in the whole of the siege of Yorktown. Discharged about the last of November or first of December said year. Service 5 months.
Born on the month of July 1764, age 70.
Lived in Botetourt County, Virginia two years after discharge, then to Montgomery County, Virginia about 10 years, then to Powell Valley, Virginia about 8-9 years, then to Gallia County, Ohio 2 years, then to Ross County, Ohio 2years. Then to Preble County about 25 years, then to Darke County, Neave Township.

William Byers was awarded a pension which is recorded in the Revolutionary War Pension Book C, Volume 8, page 3. This is located in the National Archives. The award was made on January 27, 1834. He received an arrears payment of $62.50 and a semiannual payment of $12.50 for a total of $75.50. The semiannual payments were to continue until his death.

William Byers married Susannah Fry. They had a least four sons; William, Isaac, David and Elisha. Isaac married Mary (Polly) Kennedy February 9, 1799 in Virginia and on December 23, 1799 their first child, Nancy, was born. It is reported that they had five sons.

Isaac Byers moved his family from Virginia to Gallia County, Ohio. William Byers was in Gallia County and so was the family of Polly Kennedy. Polly separated from Isaac and stayed in Gallia County while Isaac and their children moved on to Ross County, Ohio and then to Preble County.

Isaac filed for divorce from Polly after getting to Preble County. A year later he dropped the suit. Polly eventually joined Isaac but it is not known what year. About the time Isaac filed for divorce a Bastardy case was filed against him. This was dropped.

There is not much information on the Byers families and some of it is confusing. The information in this section seems to be agreed upon by all of those studying the Byers line.