Marjorie Jean Delk
03 April 1928 to 24 February 2011


  • D00038
    April 10, 1949 newspaper article regarding graveside services for David Lee Stephens, son of Marge Delk and Shelby Stephens
  • D00040
    Wedding announcement in Des Moines paper for Marge Delk and Sheby Stephens
  • D00112
    Obituary for Marjorie Jean Delk in Des Moines Register, February 28, 2011
  • P000053
    From left to right: Mary Evelyn Delk, Mary May Delk, Marjorie Jean Delk, Russell Delk, Virginia Delk
  • P00128
    Six of the children of Charles W. Delk and Bernice L. Butler taken in 1943 at their home in Leon, Iowa (Back row L to R) Virginia Lee, Ira Edwin, Marjorie Jean, Mary Evelyn (Front L to R) Richard Allen, James William.
  • P00129
    Marjorie Jean Delk taken in 1943.
  • P00129
    Virginia Lee Delk (left) and Marjorie Jean Delk taken in 1943 at home in Leon, Iowa.
  • P00145
    Marjorie Jean Delk, date unknown. Possibly a school photo.