Robert Elmer Delk
5 Nov 1922 to 26 March 2010


  • Document 27
    Wedding Announcement from paper for "Robert Elmer Delk and Mildred Libby
  • Document 28
    Newspaper articcle concerning Robert E. Delk naval assignment to Bainbridge, Maryland
  • Document 30
    Newspaper article concerning Robert E. Delk after attack on Pearl Harbor; USS Lexington was already out to sea.
  • Document 39
    Obituary of Mildred Lippy, wife of Bob Delk
  • Document 98
    Article from Sept. 29 1965 Des Moines paper stating that Robert Elmer Delk had been confirmed as Postmaster of Hudson, Iowa
  • Martha and Robert Delk
  • P000086
    Robert Elmer Delk, age 7 Months
  • P000087
    Robert Elmer Delk, February 6, 1925
  • P0000100
    Warren and Robert Delk Class Photo, Date Unkown
  • P00121
    Robert Elmer Delk with Ira Edwin Delk on his back.
  • P00122
    Robert Elmer Delk. Taken 9-13-1941, Taken at the home of his grandparent after the death of his grandfather, Elmer E. Delk.
  • P00123
    Martha (Maitlen) Delk at her home in Weldon, Iowa and her Grandson, Bob Delk taken in 9-13-1941 just after the death of Elmer Delk
  • P00124
    Robert E. Delk & Mary May Delk. Taken 9-13-1941
  • P00137
    Bernice Luella (Butler) Delk with sons, Robert Elmer Delk (L) and Charles Warren Delk.
  • P00146
    Robert Elmer Delk, date unknown. Possibly a school photo.