Lillie May Delk
17 Dec 1859 to 5 Jan 1924

Birth: Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa

Died: LeRoy, Decatur County, Iowa

Burial: Garden Grove, Iowa

Married: Barton Davis

Date of Marriage:

Children: Orace Wesley (1880-) Charles Emery (1882-1941) Clarence Arthur (1884-1935) Roy Vincent (1887-1936) Lina (1888-1966) Otto Earling (1890-) Lena (1892-) Joseph Henry (1895-1926) Clara Cornelia (1899-) Ralph E. (1900-) Francis Amaza (1904-)


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    Front Row: (L to R) Ralph, Clara, Bart, Lillie, Lena; Mid Row: Charles, ?, Clarence, Carma (Wife of Clarence), Francis, Lina; Back Row: Otto, Orace, Eulah (Wife of Henry), Henry, Oscar Anderson ( Husband of Lina)
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