Few updates

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I have redone the Document List and Photo List. Was having problems with the original not linking directly to the files, so went through and created a new one. Also, I hopefully have fixed all of the bad links. No guarantee on this, but a majority of the broken links should be fixed. I am also now working on getting my Mothers side on this site as well. Will take a while, but should have it done by this time next year. In the meantime, I will be adding bits and pieces as I get the information. As always, feel free to drop me line at delkbrian@earthlink.net.


Shelby DeVere Stephens

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As the saying goes, We only see family at funerals and weddings.  And that is the way it is going with my family. It was not always this way. In fact, and correct me if I am wrong, the Delk-Worden family reunion used to be a huge shindig. There are newspaper articles about how big it was. I was told that people, who were not family, would show up and get in the food line, and that was okay, because in the end, we are all family. It just wasn’t family reunions, there was Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other occasions when the brothers and sisters of Charlie Delk would get together just because they were family.

I remember a few golf outings with Shelby, and he tolerated this teenager who had a temper. I am sure he did not enjoy playing with me, but I enjoyed my time with him. I know I enjoyed my time with him during the holidays when he and his wife Marge opened up their house to the whole clan. There I was, the youngest of the first cousins, pestering him for something or other and being redirected toward the cookie table. If anything, I should of learned patience from him to apply to my own children, but that is another story.

Shelby will be missed. As well as those who have passed before him. Our family will grow smaller, and admittedly, I will not recognize a cousin or two if I pass them by at the grocery store. Hopefully I will see them more at weddings than at funerals, but sadly that will not be the case.

Have a wonderful New Year and stay in touch,


Minor changes, more to come

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While I have been waiting for some new material from my father, who was out spending my inheritance. I decided I should better organize myself. In doing so, I have changed all the photos to the jpeg format and have internally renamed them. I would say 90% of the photos have been updated, and with the jpeg format comes the ability to save the tags that I have embedded within them. I have also watermarked all of the photos. Why did I watermark the photos you may ask. Because I am tired of people taking them and posting them on Ancestry.com without permission. I know that technically I do not own the photos, but, if I take the time to scan them and clean them up, plus pay for the web hosting, I should at least get some credit. Ancestry.com is a paid site that is supported by advertising and membership; they make money off of the members who put legit photos on their site. Please do not steal, but if you want a copy please let me know and I will email you a higher quality scan without the watermark.

With that said, here is a link to a list of all of the photos on this site. The xx’s indicate that the photo is actually up on the site for each individual person. The documents are also going to be treated the same way. I will also be trying to get the my cousins listed and linked so I can start adding even more photos and documents. Until then, enjoy.


New update soon!

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Just a quick fyi, I will have a new update soon. This update will include documents, photos and  some poems from Martha Maitlen. Everything should be updated by the beginning of next week. Thank you for your patience. If anyone out there has anything they would like to share with this site please contact me at delkbrian@earthlink.net



Quick Update

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I realize the site seems to have been neglected as of late, but that is not the case. I am currently working on the 1927 Weldon High School Year Book while Dad is recovering from back surgery. Hopefully by the end of July, the Yearbook will be done and we will have some poems up from Martha Maitlen.


Mary Delk

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Last month my Aunt, affectionately known as “Aunt Mary Who,” passed away. I have included a link to her obituary on her page. I have scanned a few documents and photos and will post those shortly.

More mini bio’s

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I have added mini bio’s to all of Ethelred’s children. Hopefully all are correct. If not please contact me via the comments section or at delkbrian@earthlink.net. I am really interested in where everyone is buried at and if you have photos of tombstones that I can post please include them.



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When working on one’s family history, it is always a good idea to make your own family history. So off to South Dakota we went. It was quite an adventure, with buffalo, winding roads, bumpy jeep rides and NO CELL PHONE SERVICE. I am starting to put some photos up on my Flickr page. There are only a few now, will put more up later this week.

By the end of this week I will have Charlie Delk’s family updated plus some more photos. Speaking of photos, I put this page together so you can see the condition of some of the photos and the process I go through after I scan them. As always, let me know if I can help out with any thing.


Your Photos

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I have been contacted by several family members about posting some of their family photos on this site, and I am all for it. I have set-up an ftp site for people to send me photos, this way they can be hi-res scans and not clog up my email. If you have something that you would like to share, please contact me at photos@familyhistoria.com, and I will get you set up. Also with that, if you have some slides, photos, negatives or something else that needs to be scanned or restored, let me know and we can work something out.

I am also putting up photos from Uncle Thede’s photo album book that he gave to his niece, Mary May Delk. Some are of him, and others are of John and Sara Delk, his brothers and his cousins. I am also ready to pull the trigger on Charles Wesley page and add photos and documents of him and his family, I am just waiting for permission to include his living children.


More Letters

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More letters have been posted. They are for Martha Maitlen, Elmer Delk, F.O. Delk, and more. Will have many more soon.

One of the great things about letters and documents is that they not only shed light about the correspondents lives, but also the community in which they live in. I hope that people looking for information on other families in the Weldon, Iowa area, or Pikesville, Ohio area, find their ancestors and let’s me know.  Who knows, maybe my relatives are in their letters.

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