Ethelred’s son, William

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I am slowly going through everybody’s page and updating them. I have just finished William Delk  who was Ethelred and Nancy’s fifth child. I have added some children who I did not know about previously; I had only known about two of the boys. But after finding William’s death certificate, I saw that he had had ten children, with six of them being alive at the time of his death in Lowell, Michigan. Most of his family had moved to Coin, Iowa and with luck, I may get down that way and do a little research. In the meantime, the four children I added to William’s webpage were verified with census records. If there are any descendants of William who would like to share some information, please contact me at

Letters and Descendant Chart

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There is a new batch of letters out, mostly between F.O., Elmer and Elmer’s new wife Martha. We are now up to the year 1894.

I have also added a Descendant Chart. It is in the Adobe Shockwave format. Right now it only has Ethelred and his children. When you click on one of Ethelred’s children, you will see their direct line. Clicking on Ethelred will take you back to the beginning. This is a work in progress. If you have more info than I do please let me know and I will update the chart.

Here is a direct link to the chart: Ethelred Descendant Chart

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. If your computer can not support Shockwave, I will send you the graphic files.

Ethelred Delk

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Just updated Ethelred Delk’s biography. He is the starting point for the Delk family tree. If anyone can add to this biography, please let me know.

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