This site is a place to archive the Delk family history and those who were a part of that history. Please feel free to leave a comment or tidbit about your search of your family’s history.

Brian Delk

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  • Charlea Harris Ralston says:

    Dear Brian.. I have been looking for you for years.. please contact me.. I am the Great Great Great.. granddaughter of Mary Ellen (Ella) Onstott and Lewis Isom.. my number is ..

    sincerely, Charlea Harris-Ralston in VA.

  • Angelica Swinson-Barcenas says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am not sure how you and I are related, but I came across this site as I was researching my maternal grandmother Virginia Lee Delk who lived in Iowa and was married to Everett Wayne Lyon. They had children, 4 who were James Lyon, Dan,Tom, and Elizabeth Ann Lyon, who is my mother. I am interested in learning all that I can about my family history. Please help me to put the puzzle pieces together. Thank you for any help you can be and for just taking the time to read this.


  • Brian says:


    I will gladly help you with your efforts. Virginia is my father’s sister, making your mother my first cousin, however, she and I are about 20 years apart. Feel free to contact me at delkbrian@earthlink.net with any questions.


  • Paul Wright says:

    Hello Delk cousins who are also of Maitlen descent.

    Hoping to find other Maitlen descendants interested in autosomal DNA testing. Unlike Y DNA which gets passed from father-to-son and is most easily connected to a specific surname, or mtDNA which gets passed from mother to child, we inherit our autosomal DNA from both parents and their ancestors. Unfortunately due to randomness of recombination, the DNA share with relatives drop off relatively quickly, but with enough of them can garner some very useful information. Would suggest testing with 23andMe if interested and happy to share what I can and answer any questions.


    Paul Wright

  • Nancy Bishop says:

    I just wanted to make contact about your Bullock photos, and to find out if you have any others? I was quite pleasantly surprised to find the photos, and also wanted to say thank you.
    My ties to the Bullock family are through my husband’s maternal line. Oddly enough, I grew up living across the street from a Delk family in Luling Louisiana (Kenneth and Caroline Delk, children Stevie and Amy Delk).
    Thank you for your wonderful site, I wish I knew how to do this, I like the layout!
    Nancy Bishop

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