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We know Martha (Maitlen) Delk wrote poems, and yes, I have more to display, but did you know one of her poems was put to music? Check it out on her page, under Documents. The song or poem, is titled “My Little Rosebud.” It may not have been a Top 100 chart topper, but it was good enough to be published and that is all that counts.  I will be posting more documents and photos in the coming week, until then, stay warm and keep in touch.


Merry Christmas to All!!!

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My Great-Grandmother was a poet and she did know it. We are currently going through her poems and transcribing them. Seven pages have been added to Martha Maitlen Delk’s page, along with some more photos and two more letters. Some of the poems are Christmas poems that she wrote to friends and family. I will also have some pictures of her and Elmer, Mary May and others, along with some more documents by the end of next week. Until then, Have a Merry and Safe Christmas Holiday.


Martha Maitlen

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I have come to the conclusion that interacting with history comes in three forms. There is the form of online or the old fashion book research, looking at documents that others have made available to the public, knowing that something exist, that is tangible, but not actually being able to touch and feel the history. There is the museum experience, where you see the document or the photograph, just out of reach, but a more personable and enjoyable experience. Then there is the best experience of all, actually handling the material and being able to present it to everyone.

On Martha Maitlen’s page, I have added a new category, Cloth Swatches. This page is exciting because I am able to present a glimpse into Martha’s life and life in general in 1892. She wrote down everything, the dates, times, occasion. Take a look, especially at her hand written notes. And enjoy.

Document update

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Just added about ten Documents for Elmer, almost all of them are State licenses for operating his store. Also, obituaries for his Aunt or mother-in-law, depends on how you look at it since he married his 1st cousin, which is stated on the back of one of the obituaries. Thomas Maitlen is also updated with his obituary, which includes his life story.

As always, let me know what you think.


Maitlen side of the family

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I have added a section for the Maitlen side of our family. I will need to add hyper links between them and the Delk side, but for now, you can get over to the Delk side by going through Sara or Martha on the Maitlen side. I will soon be adding some photos.

In other news, Uncle Bob Delk passed away on Saturday. Naturally, I learned some things about him at his funeral, most notably, that while in the Navy, he was awarded the Purple Heart three times. This brings me to the topic of adding family members to the Delk side. It has been suggested that I add my Father and his siblings, if I receive an unanimous consensus from all, then I will go ahead and add everybody. Until, get outside and enjoy the Spring weather.

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