Small Change/Big Returns

September 4th, 2012 § 1 comment

I have now added the three surviving children of Charles Wesley Delk, onto this site. While that may seem small, it opens up the door for more photos and documents to be posted. In the coming month I will be putting up photos of Charles and Bernice Delk’s children, some that may have not been seen since they were developed, locked away in some of their photo albums, forgotten about until now. Also, I will be slowly adding the rest of Ethelred’s descendents, at least the one’s I have verified. By doing this, I will be able to connect people in the group photos.

I will up date the Photo log and Document log when items are added before I add more post, so I would look there before here for updates.


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  • Abner says:

    This is really awesmoe my Dad just had his Camp-Arnold Ancestry book returned to him. I’ve been coping it onto my computer to be put on disk. I’m working on filling in the updates of my extention of the family. It’s been a really interesting and educational experience. It has absolutely brought the past to life for me. I did not realize until I read in the book that the reunions had been in existance since 1923 or 1934. How amazing is that and they ae on going. We have the most amazing family. The more I look into the history of my family in every aspect the more I learn about American history itself. My brother has always been the history buff. Now I see why. I wish I could get my brother interested in family history as well as history in general.

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